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Undergraduate Advising

Academic advising is an ongoing process in the School of Architecture that gives its majors the opportunity to shape their architectural education to suit their individual needs within the context of a holistic Clemson University education.

Each architecture major is assigned an academic advisor to assist them in interpreting University academic policies and procedures. Students are encouraged to work with their assigned advisor as they develop and refine their academic plan for completing the BA in Architecture degree requirements  and schedule their semester courses. It is the responsibility of each student to fulfill all degree requirements for graduation.

Both the College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities and Clemson University maintain individual advising web sites, and the undergraduate catalog provides the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Students should familiarize themselves with the material on these web sites and inside the catalog:

Academic Advisors

Each architecture major is assigned to a School of Architecture faculty member who also serves as an undergraduate academic advisor. Each advisor is asked to post office hours outside their office door for the purpose letting students know when they are available to discuss advising issues.

There are times when matters will keep advisors from their posted office hours. In the event that a student is unable to make timely contact with their assigned advisor, they can contact Sallie Hambright-Belue, Director of Undergraduate Programs in School of Architecture at, by calling 864-906-8668 or visiting Lee 3-121.



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