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Change of Major

Enrolled students who wish to change majors must process a Change-of-Major form, available in Enrolled Student Services, 104 Sikes Hall. The form must be approved by both the current and new academic departments. Students should gain the acceptance of the new major department prior to disengaging from the current major. Student can perform a “What If” under the Degree Progress Report to see how current completed course work will apply to the new major.

Changing Majors Out of the School of Architecture

Students planning to change their major from architecture to another major should first visit with their assigned architecture academic advisor. Students should then contact the departmental office of their intended new major to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss the major requirements and their change of major procedures.

Changing Majors Into the School of Architecture

Changing your major to architecture is a competitive process and based on space availability.

A limited number of non-architecture majors are accepted into the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree program once per year, normally in late April. Candidates must have completed ARCH 1010 and have a 2.7 overall GPR at the end of the fall semester. In addition they must be in the process of completing ARCH 1510 during the spring semester. Students will be accepted into the major based on space availability and on their performances in the two courses listed above. Typically, there will be twice as many students competing for admission as there are spaces available. It is important to note that because of the seven course studio sequence, it could take up to three years to complete the undergraduate degree after being accepted into the architecture program.

Undergraduate students here at Clemson University who want to change their major to architecture should contact Timothy Brown, Director of Undergraduate Programs, at to make an appointment to discuss the change of major procedures in the School of Architecture in more detail and to see about being added to the ARCH 1010 – Introduction to Architecture course for the fall semester.

Students not accepted into the major can complete an undergraduate degree in another major, minor in architecture, and apply to the Graduate School for admission to the Master of Architecture program. The length of the Master of Architecture degree program without an undergraduate degree in Architecture is three years.