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Off-Campus Programs


An important part of the BA in Architecture program is the opportunity to couple studio and classroom learning with first-hand experiences of significant buildings, landscapes, and places. Lectures, seminars, books, and the internet expand our knowledge of the built environment enormously. But the best resource on the built environment is the built environment itself. Experienced in person, in real time. Our students have the opportunity to spend a full semester off-campus at one of our three study sites or at a partner program’s site. Between our three sites and partner programs students have the possibility of studying virtually anywhere in the world.

The School of Architecture conducts programs instate at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, at the Barcelona Architecture Center in Barcelona, and at the Daniel Center in Genoa Italy. Each center offers distinct coursework, experiences and study opportunities tailored to local opportunities for research and engagement. Given the global nature of architectural practice today, nothing can replace the experience of graduates who have learned to view the world from a different perspective. 

The curriculum is designed so that students can complete the off-campus components in either their sixth or seventh semesters of the undergraduate programs. The coursework at all three sites is fully integrated into the degree’s curriculum requirements. Students opting for partner programs work with their academic advisor to coordinate coursework with our program requirements. 

For more information on our off-campus sites see our Fluid Campus