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About the Art Department


About the Art Department

We have approximately 100 undergraduates and 18 graduate students enrolled in our visual arts programs. Uniquely, our size allows us to frequently conduct team faculty critiques, which maximizes the exchange of ideas and methods that arise within individual studio disciplines — painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, printmaking and photography. Our students work and learn in well-equipped studio facilities, and we have an ideal average student-to-teacher ratio of 1-to-12 or better.

The Department of Art is housed in Lee Hall, which also serves as home for the Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning, and Construction Science & Management. Collaborative projects between college faculties take place regularly. Lee Hall also includes a spacious art gallery, art and architecture library, Mac labs and materials lab.

Programs and Accreditation

Our Department of Art is part of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. We offer the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) professional degrees and our curricula are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Information for Current Majors

    • Who signs forms?
      • Study abroad form, course to be taken elsewhere form, course substitution form, and change of major form: Valerie Zimany, Department Chair (2-121 Lee Hall, 864-656-3880, or Lori Gugan (2-120 Lee Hall, 864-656-3881,
      • Grade change form: Please see the professor teaching the class to initiate the grade change process.
    • Who schedules classes?
      Lori Gugan (2-120 Lee Hall, 864-656-3881,
    • Who is the foundations coordinator?
      Valerie Zimany, Department Chair (2-121 Lee Hall, 864-656-3880,
    • Who is the graduate coordinator?
      Professor David Detrich (2-142 Lee Hall, 864-656-3890,
    • Who are the department advisors?
      Transfers: Valerie Zimany, Department Chair (2-121 Lee Hall, 864-656-3880,
      Professor Anderson Wrangle (1-165 Lee Hall,
      Professor Todd McDonald (2-G28A Lee Hall,
      Professor Kathleen Thum (2-G28 Lee Hall,
      Professor Todd Anderson (2-G25 Lee Hall,
Contact Information

General Inquiries and Undergraduate Admissions

Valerie Zimany
Chair and Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics
Department of Art
Lee Hall, 2-121 

Graduate Admissions

David Detrich 
Graduate Program Coordinator and
Professor of Sculpture 
Lee Hall, 2-142 

Lee Gallery/Acorn Gallery

Denise Woodward-Detrich 
Director, Lee Gallery 
Lee Hall, 1-101 A