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Art History


Visual Art students are immersed in a rigorous course of study that includes studio techniques, principles of design, conceptual grounding, and art history. Our art historians at Clemson University possess a broad knowledge of art history and specialize in modern and contemporary art history. These professors offer a rich understanding of past and current developments in art. Courses demonstrate how history, geography, politics, religion, and culture are reflected in and shaped by art. This understanding helps provide context for students studying visual arts and other fields.

Here are some of the topics and areas covered in the art history courses:

  • Global art and architectural history from prehistory to the age of the Enlightenment.
  • Modern art history, theory, and criticism in the West.
  • Global contemporary art history, theory, and criticism. 
  • The place of art today in regional, national, and global contexts.

Please refer to the most recent course catalog for further information regarding the several art history courses offered at Clemson University.