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Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry is an initiative at Clemson University that engages students at the Undergraduate level in applied research.

Students take on problems that spring from their own curiosity, from a professor's challenge or from the pressing needs of the world around them. Team-based investigations are led by a faculty mentor and typically span two to four semesters. Students take ownership of their projects and take the risks necessary to solve problems and get answers.

Topics are boundless. Students often find themselves presenting their work at national conferences, fielding questions from professionals. This invaluable experience produces exceptional graduates. Our Creative Inquiry participants develop critical thinking skills, learn to solve problems as a team and hone their communication and presentation skills. 

What does it take? Commitment and curiosity. You'll need the desire to be creative, to work with a group of peers for several semesters and to be mentored by a faculty member or advanced graduate student. Course credit is given. 

Creative Inquiry Projects Offered by the Clemson University Art Department


Currently the Art Department offers two creative inquiry options open to all majors: 

Atelier InSite is a project that implements public artwork on the Clemson University Campus. It capitalizes on a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach that is predominantly student driven. The goal is to create a new paradigm for the administration of public art on university campuses.

The word Atelier is derived from the French word meaning “workshop” or “studio.” Atelier describes the atmosphere and attitude toward the installation and development of public art on campus. 

Decipher cover

Atleier InSite’s first public art project was chosen for the cover of the Clemson University magazine, Decipher as well as has been featured in several other publications. 

Click here to learn more about Atelier InSite.


Community Supported Art (CSArt) endeavor was created to support local art, artists, and collectors and to create a unique shopping experience. 

The Clemson CSArt program, begun in 2014, is unique because it has been started by college students and has been funded by the Clemson University Creative Inquiry program so that the CSArt team is able to further explore and research new, innovative ways to run the program. Interested consumers and collectors will purchase a share and in return, receive one share of locally-produced artwork at our seasonal pickup event. 

Click here to learn more about CSArt.