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Distance Learning

Whether you’re a Clemson art major, a Clemson non-art major, a non-Clemson student…you can take our online course from the convenience of your chosen location.

What is the summer online art course?

ART 2100, Introduction to Art & Architecture (formerly AAH 2100): Offered on-line during Summer 2015 at Clemson University. Experience the grand sweep of Western History and Civilization from cavemen to the 21st century as seen through the eyes of her greatest artists and architects. PLEASE NOTE: This course will still count as a Gen Ed "Arts & Humanities Non-Literature" and as a "Cross-Cultural Awareness" course.

When is the course offered?

The course is offered three times during the summer.

  • Summer I: May 15 – June 21
  • Summer II: June 25 – August 5
  • Minimester A: May 15 – June 3
  • Minimester D: July 17 – August 5

I'm not a Clemson student. Can I take a summer art class?

Yes! Students from other institutions who wish to enroll in our online course during the summer only are considered transient students. Students from other institutions may not enroll during fall or spring semester without following transfer procedures.

Accepted transient students who apply early will be mailed information on registration and advance payment. Late applicants must sign up for courses and pay during the late enrollment period.

The Transient Application is available online. The Transient Student Application fee is $25.00 and online instructions for payment are provided in the application.

In order to verify lawful presence in the United States, a transient student may provide a notarized copy of the original document to support his/her status.  

More Details about the Course

Custom text deliberately written in conversational no typical stuffy textbook written in "professorspeak."

You will have to work hard, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring or painful!

Professor Dorsey provides a "survival guide" telling you step by step how to set up your study materials to maximize the likelihood that you will succeed.

It's a 15 week course compressed down to 3, so to lighten the load there is no required homework and there are opportunities for extra credit.

Work at your own pace and even finish the course early. Exempt the final exam if you meet the requirements. ART 2100 usually transfers to your home institution to fulfill a general education requirement.

Why not take a course that is fun, designed to help students succeed, and flexible enough to be taken from any place in the world!