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Summer Classes

Have a Creative Summer

There are several options for you to take art classes this summer. Whether you’re a Clemson art major, a Clemson non-art major, a non-Clemson student…you can take art classes! Clemson's Department of Art's new summer Minimester classes are now available. Consider taking art appreciation, drawing, graphic design, printmaking or photography. Click here to check for class availability. 

Don't forget to read up on the credit limits and payment deadlines.

See Financial Aid for Summer School information.

Frequently Asked Question

I'm not a Clemson student. Can I take a art summer class? Yes!

Students from other institutions who wish to enroll in courses during the summer only are considered transient students. Students from other institutions may not enroll during fall or spring semester without following transfer procedures.

Accepted transient students who apply early will be mailed information on registration and advance payment. Late applicants must sign up for courses and pay during the late enrollment period.

The Transient Application is available online. The deadline for submitting transient applications is June 1st.

The Transient Student Application fee is $25.00 and online instructions for payment are provided in the application.

In order to verify lawful presence in the United States, a transient student may provide a notarized copy of the original document to support his/her status.

Graduate Transient Students
If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take courses to transfer to that institution, you may enroll at Clemson upon receipt of the Certification of Transient Graduate Admission,
GS Form 8. This form must be received six weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

Please see information regarding Clemson's registration procedures or visit