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Sculpture students in the BFA and MFA degree programs are encouraged to embrace a broad spectrum of materials, processes and contexts that reflect the current and diverse practice of the discipline. We value the broad interpretation of Sculpture that inspires students to consider time, space and site when creating. By capitalizing on available resources in the program, students gain technical skills as well as a working vocabulary of conceptual possibilities so that they can become full participants in the discourse of art making in the 21st century.

All of this takes place within a supportive and collegial environment that promotes rigorous studio activity and strong conceptual development, which are key ingredients to success in the program.

Clemson’s Sculpture Department also benefits from interaction with Atelier InSite, which is a Creative Inquiry project that implements public artwork on the Clemson University Campus. It capitalizes on a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach that is predominantly student driven. The goal is to create a new paradigm for the administration of public art on university campuses.

Facilities and Equipment –
• Access to a fully facilitated wood shop (CNC ROUTER 4’ x 8’ x 4" “build space”)
• Metal fabrication and welding equipment; SMAW, MIG, TIG
• Plasma Torch (1” stainless capacity)
• 8 GA. Pinch roller (4’ width capacity - 5” dia. minimum roll)
• Hand and stationary power tools; band saw, drill presses, pedestal grinders, sanders, etc.
• Foundry for nonferrous metals (350 lb. capacity bronze) with overhead crane system with electric chain fall
• Investment systems include: traditional plaster, resin-bonded sand (DEV-SET), ceramic shell and green sand
• Large capacity (250 lb.) Muller sand mixer
• Sandblasting & Glass Bead blasting equipment
• Wax reclaiming Burnout kiln
• Covered exterior work area (South Carolina is very user-friendly in the winter months)

Resources available outside sculpture area:

• Digital cameras, Digital video, and sound editing equipment
• Computer equipment (scanners, Wi-Fi internet access, digital imaging, etc.)
• Virtual reality lab
• Engineering consultants; mechanical and electrical as needed
• Two libraries; Gunnin Library in Lee Hall has holdings for art and architecture research; 50,000 volumes and 130,000 image library, 1200 videos and access to the Cooper Library’s (the main university library)
holdings and resources
• Good access to material and supply vendors plus a great scrap yard 20 minutes from Clemson

Alumni Work

sculpture 1

Mariana Hay, BFA


Nina Kawar, MFA

sculpture 3

Joshua McCall, BFA

sculpture 4

Jason Adams, MFA

sculpture 5

Matt Rink, MFA