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Located on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean, the Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies has been owned by the CAF and operated by the CAF and the School of Architecture since 1973. This large villa provides living, studying, and dining accommodations for 22 students each academic semester. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Design and Building. We invite you to visit the School of Architecture website to see studio work and the shared experiences of students who have stayed at the CAF Daniel Center in Genoa.

Hear about learning in Genoa from the student perspective, visit the Tigers in Genoa blogs at:

The Villa at 40!

An honorary video to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the villa. In this video, Jim Barker, John Jacques, Jose Caban, Ray Huff, and Dina Battisto discuss the success of our first off-campus program.

genoa villa

genoa villa