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Cost and Tuition

Low tuition costs and the moderate cost of living in the area make Clemson one of the most reasonable options for graduate students. Please refer to the following site for information on fees.

Assistantships are available to graduate students in City and Regional Planning, and are assigned primarily on the basis of academic performance. Prospective students must apply by March 1st to be considered for an assistantship position. While 1st year graduate students typically work 10 hours a week for the department, 2nd year students typically work 15 hours a week at a planning-related agency off-campus. 2nd year assistants typically require an automobile for transportation to their position within the metro area. Assistants are paid bi-weekly for their work.

Students on assistantships receive a tuition reduction depending on their position. Applicants should review the graduate school web page for any changes in tuition reduction.  While we understand the financial burden on students, full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are strongly encouraged not to work over 20 hours per week in all employment positions. We have found that excessive outside work can place excessive stress on students.

Calculator for Tuition and Fees

Living in Clemson

Enjoy the sunny, four-season climate of Clemson that has long spring and fall seasons. Clemson is only 45 minutes away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the city of Greenville. It is only 2 hours away from major metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Charlotte, and is a less than 2 hour drive to Asheville. Clemson’s location provides students with an array of housing locations and options. The cost of living in Clemson is substantially lower than most universities, making it an affordable graduate school option. General information about Clemson can be found at the university’s website and the Clemson Chamber of Commerce website.

A PBS Newshour video on why Greenville is flourishing:

Click here to view a National Geographic article on Greenville (2015), and here for an article in The Atlantic.

Planning students live off-campus in private apartments in the surrounding area as University housing is typically not available to graduate students. Please visit the University Off-Campus Housing web site for information on roommates, subletting, rental and purchase property. To further assist you in securing appropriate off campus housing accommodations, a housing rental guide in the City of Clemson and the surrounding areas is also available through Tiger Properties.  Additionally, there are many other housing and roommate search websites such as Rent College Pads ClemsonHotpads-ClemsonZillow-rent ClemsonApartmentfinder.