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The Clemson Experience

Clemson MRED students come from a broad range of undergraduate disciplines such as architecture, business, finance, civil engineering, urban affairs/planning, landscape architecture, construction science and management, economics, geography, environmental science, social sciences, accounting and marketing.

In a revitalized downtown ranked among "America's Ten Best" by Forbes Magazine, Greenville, South Carolina is a great place to live during your education. From downtown Greenville's one-of-a-kind Liberty Bridge over magnificent Falls, quaint shops, boutiques, and fabulous restaurants to a world-class collection of museums, galleries, and theaters to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains in the world, you'll find more than 100 different restaurants and nightlife facilities downtown with numerous street festivals and activities.

With more than 250 international firms, the Upstate boasts the highest international investment per capita in the nation. Greenville is home to such national and international corporations as Fluor and Hubbell Lighting --with BMW and Michelin North America located nearby.

Downtown is alive and flourishing as the home to offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment, and many residents, making it a great area for economic investment. The American Planning Association (APA) designated Main Street in Greenville, SC as one of 10 Great Streets for 2009 by APA's Great Places in America program. Since then, various entities such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune, Business Week, CNN Money, and the Financial Times have recently selected Greenville as one of the Top 10 Best Downtowns in America, Strongest Job Markets, Best Cities for Young Professionals, Best Places to Retire, Fastest Growing City in the Nation, Most Fun and Affordable City in the US, and the #1 Micro-City of the Future in the Western Hemisphere.

And Greenville is only a 40 minute drive to the main campus of Clemson University, a beautiful locale for 17,000 students and various major collegiate activities, including Clemson Tiger Athletics in the ACC.