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Honorees and Awards

The MRED Program has several annual distinguished awards selected by MRED faculty, with the Ric Ridder Award selected by graduating students. These honorees and award winners document successful achievements of high distinction and recognition. Each award is presented at selected ceremonies. The awards are described below as well as the recipients by year of award recognition. We congratulate and honor these outstanding students for their achievements.

Norman F. Pulliam Founders Award
This award is given to a first year Real Estate Development student as recognition of outstanding achievement in pursuing quality development that integrates the perspectives of community, environment, and economics.
•   2006-O’Neil McCoy
•   2007-Scott Puffer
•   2008-J. Kyle Evans
•   2009-Cathy Greer
•   2010-Holly Douglas
•   2011-Katelyn Graham
•   2012-Brett Basnight
•   2013-Anthony Rowland
•   2014-David Loveland
•   2015-Joshua L. Mitchell
•   2016-Bhavik Thakkar
•   2017-Craig Gearhart and Camron Gilstrap
•   2018-Shelley Pelliccione

Harry H. Frampton III Award
This award, given to a graduating Real Estate Development student, is based on outstanding scholarship and promise of professional excellence in the areas of land stewardship and sustainable communities.
•   2006-Jason Armstrong
•   2007-O’Neil McCoy
•   2008-Scott Puffer
•   2009-J. Kyle Evans and Helen Hughes Sanders
•   2010-Carrie Melton and Dan Rountree 
•   2011-Dale E. VanSlambrook, Jr.
•   2012-Katelyn P. Graham
•   2013-Whitney Ferguson
•   2014-Anthony Rowland
•   2015-Chandler Thompson
•   2016-Alexandra Ulmer
•   2017-Bhavik Thakkar 
•   2017/18-Craig Gearhart

Ric Ridder Spirit and Service Award 
This award is given to a graduating Real Estate Development student, who exemplifies Clemson Tiger spirit and service to the profession and the community.
•    2006-Michael Freeland and Sean Luther
•    2007-Matthew B. Phillips and Drew Niederriter  
•    2008-Ryan D. Bowes
•    2009-Whit M. Johnson and Matthew A. Summers
•    2010-Adam Russ
•    2011-James A. Barmore, Jr.
•    2012-Richard L. Cox, III
•    2013-J. Gabe Chatham
•    2014-R. Semmes Gilmore
•    2015-N. Taylor Ogle
•    2016-Dalton Chester
•    2017-Walker Sojourner and Stuart Hall
•    2018-Luc Joseph

The Hughes Distinguished Student Award
This award was established to honor two graduating MRED students for their scholastic achievements and promise of excellence in the field of real estate development. Awarded 2012-2016.
•    2012-Jimmy Williams and Neil Robinette
•    2013-Brett Basnight and Ellen Mundy
•    2014-Robert Shortt and Thomas Rhett Spencer
•    2015-Michael O. Lee and Nathan S. Long
•    2016-Ginny Erwin and Nathan Joseph

The Sue G. and W. Russell Campbell Award
This award is given to an outstanding first year MRED student who exhibits outstanding leadership skills and scholastic achievement.
•    2012-J. Gabe Chatham
•    2013-R. Semmes Gilmore
•    2014-Chandler L. Thompson
•    2015-Dennis W. Jordan
•    2016-Cliff Timmons
•    2017-Taylor Norville
•    2018-James Malm and Claire Sanders

The Dr. J. Terrence "Terry" Farris Award
This award is given to an outstanding graduating MRED student who exhibits outstanding scholastic achievement and interest in public-private partnerships.
•    2015-Lin "Kevin" Liu
•    2016-Dennis W. Jordan
•    2017-Cliff Timmons
•    2018-Aimee Adams