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Criteria for Admittance for Experienced Development Professionals, seeking 15-credits Exemptions and a 12-month Curriculum Sequence

The Admissions Committee will be looking at the complete submittal package for candidates desiring to be in the 12-month sequence. It is for candidates who have a minimum of three years, full-time direct experience in the private real estate development process, not just one component of development, e.g. not just construction management function only or basic property management. The intent is to have candidates who by their academic and professional credentials, document their appreciation of, and involvement with, the broad process of private development versus a narrow aspect.

Specifically, we are looking for students who understand basic accounting and finance as well as real estate principles (most easily documented by a salesperson’s license or by undergraduate class work at B or above.) We will require a personal interview, a detailed resume of experience, and a detailed statement as to why the candidate believes he or she meets these criteria for admittance and what their further professional goals are.  A Portfolio* of examples of work and projects will also be required. Furthermore, recommendations from developers and other related professionals in addition to at least one academic reference will be required. If greater than 5 years’ experience with relevant documentation, GRE/GMAT requirements may be exempted.

These requirements are not intended to be only for finance majors or experience; architects, construction managers, brokers, civil engineers, and others for example, will definitely be considered if they have been actively engaged in the private development process.

*Portfolio may include examples such as market analyses, feasibility studies, case studies, investment committee submittals, architectural portfolio, project administration reports, and other relevant documentation indicating your level of direct involvement.