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Experienced Development Professional

Accelerate your path.
Accelerate your path.

Clemson University Master of Real Estate Development
12-month Experienced Development Professional Students

The Admissions Committee will be looking at the complete submittal package for candidates desiring to be in the 12-month sequence. It is for candidates who have a minimum of three years, full-time direct experience in the private real estate development process, not just one component of development, e.g. not just construction management function only or basic property management. The intent is to have candidates who by their academic and professional credentials, document their appreciation of, and involvement with, the broad process of private development versus a narrow aspect. Review the complete 12-month Curriculum Sequence Criteria and Portfolio Requirements here.

12-month Experienced Development Professional Students
Sample Curriculum Sequence
Assumes 15 credit exemptions pre-approved prior to admittance

Summer II
Entering Program Second Summer--Distance Learning
ARCH 8200 Building Design & Construction Principles
Fall Fall Semester
RED 8000 Real Estate Development Process
RED 8010 Real Estate Market Analysis
RED 8100 Real Estate Seminar Roundtable (1 credit hour)
CRP 8020 Site Planning and Infrastructure
MBA 8410 Real Estate Finance
ELECTIVE RED 8130 RE Strategic Planning or RED 8170 Mixed Use
Spring Spring Semester
RED 8030 Public-Private Partnership
RED 8120 Real Estate Technology (1 credit hour)
CSM 8660 Contractor Role in Development
LAW 8480 Law for Real Estate Professionals
MBA 8330 Real Estate Investments
ELECTIVE RED 8160 Preservation Feasibilty or Directed Study
Summer 1
Summmer (Last)
RED 8040 Practicum in Residential Development
RED 8050 Practicum in Commercial Development
Total Credits: 41* Total Credit Hours for Experienced Development Professionals
with Pre-Approved 15 credit hour exemptions