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Directed Study Requirements

CSM 8900 allows students to conduct an in-depth study of a specific topic related to the construction program. It is not intended to take the place of any required course or to serve as a substitute for a series of major or free electives. Students may take this course for a maximum of six semester credit hours.

Students must have formal approval to enroll in CSM 8900 the semester before they wish to take it. Students cannot preregister or register for the course until they have obtained this approval. To receive approval, students must submit a written request to the graduate coordinator. The report must include the following:

  1. Topic to be studied
  2. Product of the study (if a written report, it must be typed in accordance with the faculty member's instructions)
  3. List of activities to complete the product and a date by which each will be accomplished
  4. The name of the faculty member who will work with the student and evaluate the end product
  5. Student's signature and date

The request must be submitted in triplicate to the graduate coordinator. If the request is approved, one copy will be sent to the designated faculty member, one copy will be returned to the student, and the remaining copy will be retained in the student's file.

During the semester, the student is responsible for adhering to the schedule outlined in the original request. Changes cannot be made without prior approval of the designated faculty member. The final product must be turned in to that faculty member no later than the last day of classes for the semester.