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Careers in Construction

As the largest single industry in the United States and one of the most important, construction offers unlimited opportunities to highly motivated and educated young men and women. With an overall retention rate of both undergraduate and graduate students during their time in the respective program of 92% and an overall placement rate of both baccalaureate and master degree graduates of over 90 percent, Clemson's NfCSM undergraduate and graduate programs are the basis for a rewarding career in the various sectors of the construction industry. Graduates find opportunities in all sizes and types of construction companies as estimators, assistant project managers, construction contract representatives and even owners of their own company as well as allied professions such as building code officials, inspectors, and consultants. The average number of students graduating from the undergraduate program each year over the past five years is 55 and the graduate program is 6. Average starting salaries for both undergraduate and graduate students are based on many factors including the state of the economy and size, type and location of organization for which the graduate will be employed. Some of the graduates go on to obtain higher education degrees in construction and related areas.

Many of the graduates find full-time employment with the department’s Corporate Partner companies. Some of these companies include, but not limited to: Balfour Beatty Construction, Brasfield & Gorrie, CCC Group, Inc., Choate Construction Co., Coakley & Williams Construction Inc., JE Dunn Construction, Eldeco, Inc., T. D. Farrell Construction, Inc., Fluor Corporation, Great Southern Homes, Harper Construction., Holder Construction Co., Juneau Construction Co., Mashburn Construction Co., Inc., Metromont, Carolina Power, Moss & Associates, Patuxent Materials, Inc., Robins and Morton, Rodgers Builders, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Thompson Construction Group, Inc., Trident Construction, Walbridge, Waldrop Mechanical Services, and WBG Mechanical Contractors and Engineers.

Because the department’s relationship with its alumni is critical to the success of the department and its programs, the Industry Advisory Committee organized a new Standing Committee – The Alumni Development Committee. This committee has been involved in many initiatives to enhance the relationship with the department including the creation of a NfCSM alumni branded apparel website. Reach out to Mike Jackson to learn more ways to get involved.