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Arts & Humanities Literature: An Introduction

An Arts & Humanities Literature (AHL) course, part of Clemson University’s general education core curriculum, is a requirement that focuses on development of an ability to close read texts, including novels, poetry, drama, essays, film, digital texts, and visual elements of our culture. From a basis in close reading, AHL courses also allow opportunities to think critically about the texts you read, to write analytically and creatively in response to those texts, and to study the historical, social, and cultural environments in which those texts have been written and are now being read.

 The English Department offers five AHL courses:

  • ENGL 2020 The Major Forms of Literature,
  • ENGL 2120 World Literature,
  • ENGL 2130 British Literature,
  • ENGL 2140 American Literature, and
  • ENGL 2150 Literature in 20th- and 21st-Century Contexts)

 Each of these courses requires as a prerequisite ENGL 1030 Accelerated Composition, which provides a foundation for understanding writing conventions that are appropriate for both print and digital platforms, and which explores both classical and contemporary approaches to writings. AHL courses build upon the writing proficiencies begun in ENGL 1030, providing opportunity to hone skills in crafting a persuasive argument on a significant topic, to formulate a clear purpose for writing, and to support your claim with sufficient research and compelling logic.

AHL courses foster open, engaged discussions of intellectually challenging literature from American, British, and World traditions. They offer opportunities to learn more about individuals, societies, and cultures from a wide range of historical and contemporary periods and from a broad scope of geographical locations, as seen through both canonical works and texts from emerging voices. Literature will address socially, ethically, and politically significant issues, such as race relations, ethnic minorities, migration and dispossession, women’s issues, environmentalism, able-ism and disability, class inequities, and other important issues that furnish context and vocabulary necessary to responsible global citizenship.

 This webpage offers assistance to Faculty and Students in AHL classes by offering teaching and study materials to spur ideas for classroom discussion and interaction.