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Envision In Depth: Reading, Writing, and Researching Arguments 3rd Ed. By Christine L. Alfano and Alyssa J. O’Brien. Pearson Longman, 2014 (print or e-text version)

Laptop computer as per classroom teacher’s instructions

The Writing Center: The writing center is an invaluable resource for English 1030 students as well as for all Clemson students enrolled in any class or major. Graduate students and professors are also able to utilize the writing center’s resources. The writing center tutors are trained to help with any and all aspects of the writing process such as selecting a topic, improving the structure of a rough draft, and fine tuning and honing the argument of polished paper. 

The Writing Center at Clemson is located at the Academic Success Center room 307.

 Purdue Online Writing Lab: The Purdue OWL is one of the best resources for college-level writing training. They offer tutorials and guidelines for various methods of academic citations (MLA, APA, Chicago), Works Cited, paraphrase, summary, quotations, punctuation, and other general writing skills.

Academic Integrity: All English 1030 students are expected to uphold Clemson University’s academic integrity policy. Clemson’s undergraduate academic integrity statement can be found at

Cooper Library:In the process of training students in the fundamentals of research writing, English 1030 will provide basic instruction in understanding and accessing library resources. However, equally as important as the technical skills of learning how to search electronic databases for journals is the ability to discriminate among sources. Is Wikipedia a credible source? Is a newspaper? Is Fox News, a self-entitled “conservative” website a reliable source to cite in a research paper? Are all publications from a university press created equal? Is research published in peer-reviewed journals always credible? These are all issues that English 1030 is designed to raise and explore. The Cooper Library is a source for research, multimedia equipment checkout, and librarians who can help students will many library services.