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Information for Current Majors

  • Who signs forms?
    Study abroad form, course to be taken elsewhere form, grade change form, course substitution form, change of major form: Professor Amit Bein, interim department chair (126 Hardin Hall, 864-656-3153,
  • Who schedules classes?
    Schedule planner: Professor Amit Bein, interim department chair (126 Hardin Hall, 864-506-3153,
    For CRSM entry, changes and updates: Sheri Marcus (126B Hardin Hall, 864-656-7538,
  • Who is the undergraduate coordinator?
    Professor Michael Silvestri (864-656-3153,
  • Who is the graduate coordinator?
  • Professor Michael Meng (
  • Who are the advisors for undergraduate majors?
    Advisors are assigned by Professor Michael Silvestri
  • Who is the advisor for graduate programs?
    Professor Michael Meng (

We like to hear from our alumni, so please let us know what you're doing and where you're doing it. Send your update to

Contact Information

Department of History and Geography
126 Hardin Hall
864.656.3153 - Office
864.656.1015 - Fax
864.656.5378 - Graduate Students

Interim Chair:
 Amit Bein
Undergraduate Coordinator: Michael Silvestri
Graduate Coordinator: Michael Meng 
Administrative Coordinator: Sheri Ellen Marcus
Fiscal Tech. IIJeannette Carter
General Inquiries: