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Admission to the M.A. Program in History

Students are admitted to the graduate program by the dean of the graduate school upon the recommendation of the department’s graduate program coordinator or department chair. All persons applying to the M.A. program in history must submit the following to the Graduate School.

Complete scores, including the writing score, of the candidate's Graduate Record Examination (GRE); scores more than 5 years old relative to date of initial enrollment are not accepted

Final transcript(s) for the B.A. sent by the applicant’s undergraduate school(s), showing a minimum Grade Point Ratio (GPR) of 3.0 in history courses; and 2.5 in all courses during the last two undergraduate years.

  1. Three letters of reference, preferably from undergraduate professors.
  2. A sample term paper.
  3. A personal statement addressing the applicant’s background in history, intended areas of specialization, and reasons for applying.
  4. A completed Graduate School application form.

Additionally, if the applicant has 1) a GPR of less than 3.0 in the history major for the B.A. degree and/or 2) a B.A. degree, including the major and minor, in subject(s) other than history, he or she shall take a minimum of four upper-level undergraduate history courses at Clemson or at another accredited university or college and receive a grade of “B” or higher in each course before admission to the program. The only exception to this requirement shall be persons who demonstrate that, as a part of their B.A. degree, they completed a minimum of four upper-level undergraduate history courses with a grade of “B” or higher. All exceptions to the requirements indicated in this paragraph above require the consent of the department’s Graduate Committee.

Application Deadline

The History Department offers only Fall admission. Applications must be submitted no later than January 20. 

For more admissions information, please visit the graduate school's web site: