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Final Exam

The student, upon completion of the thesis, and at least three weeks before the degree is to be awarded, must pass a final examination administered by the thesis advisory committee. The examination, which may be oral and/or written, will ascertain the general knowledge of the candidate resulting from his/her thesis and coursework. The examination will consider both the thesis itself and questions arising from the coursework. At least one week prior to the examination the student should contact each committee member to receive a set of questions and/or topics expected to be addressed in the course of the examination. In addition, further questions may arise as the examination proceeds.

The department’s graduate program coordinator shall notify the Graduate School of the time and place of the examination at least ten days prior to the time scheduled, and the examination will also be posted for the students and faculty of the department at least one week prior to the exam, so the student and the thesis committee must see to it that the program coordinator is informed of the scheduling of a final examination. Within three days after the examination, the committee, through Form GS7, will notify the graduate dean of the results of the examination. A student who fails a final examination may be allowed a second opportunity only with the recommendation of the thesis advisory committee. Failure of the second examination will result in dismissal from the Graduate School.