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Public History Emphasis Area

The Clemson University Public History Emphasis Area program provides a diverse base of coursework designed to introduce undergraduate students to preservation theory and museology and incorporate their knowledge into hands-on experiences at historic sites.  The emphasis area provides a broad base of courses to undergraduates planning to pursue graduate studies. 

Geography of Preservation Field Trip

To qualify for the emphasis area, students must take the following four courses:

  • History 4140: Introduction to the Study of History Museums
  • History 2020: History Internship (3 Credits)
  • Geography 4400: The Geography of Preservation
  • History 4800: Museum Practicum

And ONE of the following courses:

  • History 4150: Intro to Digital History
  • History 4170: History and Uses of Tourism
  • History 4180: Local/Oral History

Click here for more information on the Public History Emphasis Area,
or contact the coordinator, Professor Megan Shockley.

What is Public History? Public History is research and scholarship conducted with and/or for publics