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"We value the humanities, the truths in literature, the nuances of grammar, the lessons from history, and the evolution of languages. We value communication and the power of spoken words. The languages we teach are alive and are used every day all over the world. We are global citizens." Salvador A. Oropesa, Ph.D.

Discover how the Department of Languages Excels in:

Languages Student Spotlight

Fulbright Scholars

Madison Butler  McKinnon Reece

Madison Butler (Left); McKinnon Reece (Right)

Madison Butler, Language and Internation Health
Butler is a 2015 graduate of the University and earned a degree in language and international health. She received a Spain English Teaching Assistantship from the Fulbright Program. As a teaching assistant, she will be teaching English in elementary, middle or high schools. She previously served as a teacher with Teach for America. Read More

McKinnon Reece, Mechanical Engineering (Major) and Chinese Language (Minor)
Reece is a recent graduate in mechanical engineering and received the Taiwan English Teaching Assistantship from the Fulbright Program. A member of the Honors College, he has a minor in Mandarin Chinese and was previously selected for the Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. State Department to study Chinese. He will be a teaching assistant, and will work with local English teachers in elementary, middle or high schools. Read More

CAAH College Awards

Carly Malcolm  Courtney Grayson 

Carly Malcom (Left); Courtney Grayson (Right)

Carly Malcom: Algernon Sydney Sullivan Student Award
This award is present to two seniors in recognition of outstanding service to Clemson University and the extended Clemson community. May 2020 graduate Carly Malcolm has been awarded the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Student Award at Clemson University. Malcolm was chosen for this prestigious award by demonstrating Sullivan’s ideals of heart, mind and conduct as evidenced by “generous and unselfish service to others.” Read More

Courtney Grayson: Dre Martin Service Award
In memory of Chardrevius “Dre” Martin, the College of Arts and Humanities presents this award annually to a student in the college who is highly committed to service in our surrounding community, demonstrates a passion for helping others, and possesses a strong academic record. Courtney, who is an L&IH major with a minor in animal and veterinary sciences, is a committed and enthusiastic student who has been able to combine her academic excellence with her passion for helping others, using her skills and compassion to make a difference in the greater Clemson community and beyond. As a student of the L&IH program, she has studied the Spanish language while gaining practical knowledge of healthcare and public health. Read More: The Newsstand and Clemson Blogs

Languages Faculty & Staff Spotlight

Dr. Joseph Mai

Barnes, Leslie and Joseph Mai (eds.). The Cinema of Rithy Panh: Everything Has a Soul. Rutgers University Press, 2021

Born in 1964, Cambodian filmmaker Rithy Panh grew up in the midst of the Khmer Rouge’s genocidal reign of terror, which claimed the lives of many of his relatives. After escaping to France, where he attended film school, he returned to his homeland in the late 1980s and began work on the documentaries and fiction films that have made him Cambodia’s most celebrated living director.  READ MORE

Dr. Kelly Peebles

Peebles, Kelly Digby, and Gabriella Scarlatta. Representing the Life and Legacy of Renée de France. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2021.

This book considers the life and legacy of Renée de France (1510–75), the youngest daughter of King Louis XII and Anne de Bretagne, exploring her cultural, spiritual, and political influence and her evolving roles and actions as fille de France, Duchess of Ferrara, and Dowager Duchess at Montargis. Drawing on a variety of often overlooked sources – poetry, theater, fine arts, landscape architecture, letters, and ambassadorial reports – contributions highlight Renée’s wide-ranging influence in sixteenth-century Europe, from the Italian Wars to the French Wars of Religion. READ MORE

Dr. Stephen Fitzmaurice

The South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center at Clemson University is reopening for a new five-year cycle thanks to $1.4 million in funding from the South Carolina Department of Education. The center, which trains interpreters working in K-12 schools with specific skills for educational interpreting, is the only one of its kind in the nation. “We are immensely grateful to the Department of Education for renewing their support of this program,” said Nicholas Vazsonyi, Dean of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. “Our American Sign Language (ASL) faculty are national leaders, and I am immensely proud of what they have accomplished in such a short period. The SCEIC allows them to expand their impact to K-12 schools across the state, which is a crucial part of our mission as a land-grant institution.”  READ MORE

 Prof. Stephen Fitzmaurice