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"We value the humanities, the truths in literature, the nuances of grammar, the lessons from history, and the evolution of languages.  We value communication and the power of spoken words.  The languages we teach are alive and are used every day all over the world.  We are global citizens." Salvador A. Oropesa, Ph.D.

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Languages Student Spotlight

Languages Student Spotlight

At just 19 years old, Adrina Patterson has big goals in mind, and she’s already on her way to achieving them.

The sophomore Language and International Health major plans to attend medical school and specialize in dermatology. She believes her major has given her a holistic view of the healthcare industry by providing a cultural understanding and language proficiency that allow her to see the bigger picture, along with the necessary science courses for medical school.

“I never had an African-American doctor. My primary physicians, dermatologists and dentists have all always been Caucasian,” she said. “I thought to myself, ‘Why does it matter if they are white or black?’ Well, it does matter, because representation matters.”

According to the Journal of the National Medical Association, less than five percent of U.S. physicians are African-American, and only two percent are African-American women. Patterson hopes she will be able to help bridge that gap and provide care for other girls who may be seeking a physician they can relate to.

“I not only want to be a part of that two percent, but I want that number to grow and to flourish,” said Patterson. “I want for a patient to walk into the examination room and feel comfortable.”

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Languages Faculty Spolight

Languages Faculty Spolight

Languages Faculty Spotlight

The College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities inducted two Department of Languages honorees into the Hall of Fame on March 31. Drs. Ralph Rynes and Patricia (Pat) Wannamaker became the first representatives of the department honored at this inaugural ceremony. Read More