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Information for Current Majors

  • Who signs forms?
    • Study abroad form: Study Abroad forms for each of the languages are available from the Study Abroad Office E-309 Martin Hall. For signature, please contact Julia Dingle for the appropriate advisor, if not listed below. (703 Strode Tower,
      CHINA – Professor Yanming An (614 Strode Tower,
      CHINA – Professor Yanhua Zhang (304 Strode Tower,
      CORDOBA, ARGENTINA – Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,
      ACHEN, GERMANY – Professor Lee Ferrell (316 Daniel Hall,
      LYON, FRANCE – Professor Kelly Peebles (512 Strode Tower,
      PARIS-NORMANDY, FRANCE – Professor Eric Touya (505 Strode Tower,
      SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Professor Arelis Moore de Peralta, (2078 Barre Hall,
      SEVILLE, SPAIN (Fall & Spring) – Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,
      SEVILLE, SPAIN (Summer) – Professor Dolores Martin Armas (320 Daniel Hall,
    • Course to be taken elsewhere form:
      Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,
    • Grade change form: Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,
    • Course substitution form and change of major form:
      Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,  
    • Transfer Course Equivalency List (TCEL) for Spanish:
      Prof. Graciela Tissera (
  • Who schedules classes?
    Professor Ana Paula Miller (715 Strode Tower, 864-656-1670,
  • Who are the club advisors?
    ASL – Professor Stephen Fitzmaurice (705 Strode Tower,
    ASL Honor Society – Professor William Clements (702 Strode Tower,
    CHINESE –Professor Ling Rao (320 Daniel Hall,
    FRENCH – Professor Anne Carole Salces y Nedeo (215 Daniel Hall,
    GERMAN – Professor Lee Ferrell (316 Daniel Hall,
    ITALIAN – Professor Luca Barattoni (303 Strode Tower,
    JAPANESE – Professor Jae Takeuchi (313 Strode Tower,
    LANGUAGE & INTERNATIONAL HEALTH SOCIETY - Professor Arelis Moore de Peralta (
    LANGUAGE PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES – Professor Lee Ferrell (501 Strode Tower, and Professor Roberto Risso (301 Strode Tower,
    RUSSIAN – Professor Olga Volkova (706 Strode Tower,
    SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY – Professor Rosa Macarena Pillcurima (316 Daniel Hall,
  • Who is the Departmental Honors contact for Languages?
    Professor Graciela Tissera (713 Strode Tower,
  • Who is the advisor for undergraduate majors?
    Julia Dingle (703 Strode Tower,
  • Who is director of the Languages and International Business track?
    Professor Jae Takeuchi (313 Strode Tower,
  • Who is director of the Language and International Health track?
    Professor Kelly Peebles (504 Strode Tower,
Contact Information

Main Office

Phone: 864-656-3393
Fax: 864-656-0258

Department of Languages
Clemson University
717 Strode Tower
Clemson, SC 29634

Salvador Oropesa, Department Chair

Office: 716 Strode Tower
Phone: 864-656-3544

Debbie Hammond, Fiscal Analyst

Office: 714 Strode Tower
Phone: 864-656-2626

Madeline Kinard, Administrative Coordinator

Office: 717 Strode Tower
Phone: 864-656-3393

Julia Dingle, Advisor for Undergraduate Majors

Offie: 703 Strode Tower
Phone: 864-656-6433

Su-I Chen, Language Lab Director

Office: 215 Daniel
Phone: 864-656-2852