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Faculty Bio

Misener Dunn, Kim

Misener Dunn, Kim

Lecturer of American Sign Language


ABD (Critical Studies in the Education for Deaf Learners), Gallaudet University; ED.S. (Language, Literacy and Culture), Gallaudet University; M.Sc.: Education (ASL-English Bilingual), Western Maryland College

Kim comes to Clemson with extensive teaching experience. Upon graduation with a B.A., she immediately began working with deaf advocacy organizations. This professional experience led to a graduate degree and career opportunity in teaching English and Language Arts to deaf and hard of hearing students.

Research Interest: Kim has a passion for bilingual education and language development for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Her central interest in Deaf education is how to address the problem of developing language skills in students in environments of declining exposure to Deaf role models crucial to acquiring advanced skills. Also, her current areas of interest in the Ph.D. program are ASL as a content course, critical pedagogy and sociolinguistics.

Interests: When Kim is not fully engaged in her Ph.D. studies, she enjoys traveling and being with family and friends.

Licensure: South Carolina State Board of Education Areas of Certification: Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Teaching American Sign Language; Highly Qualified in English/Language Arts; Teacher Mentor in the SC teacher evaluation system