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Faculty Bio

Tissera, Graciela E

Tissera, Graciela E

Associate Professor of Spanish (on sabbatical for Spring of 2018)

Office: 713 Strode

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

General Editor of Textos, Works & Criticism.

Creative Inquiry Projects:

Graciela Tissera completed her graduate studies in Spanish, Literature, and Latin, with honors, at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, and received her Ph. D. in Romance Languages and Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Tissera's research and teaching interests include Hispanic and comparative literature and film, literary and critical theory, and Spanish for the professions. Her Creative Inquiry projects focus on international health, global business, film studies, and service learning activities. Students in her classes present their research at national and international professional conferences. As Director of the L&IH Program (2009-2016), she coordinated the L&IH Symposiums and the study abroad program in the Dominican Republic. She is currently the Director of the International Spanish Program and Internships in Seville, Spain. Dr. Tissera is the General Editor of Textos, Works & Criticism and also serves as a Contributing Editor for national and international literary journals. She has been recognized as an outstanding professor by Clemson University Student Government, and her “Introduction to Hispanic Literary Forms” course was selected as one of the ten best courses in the national study of Spanish literature courses conducted by the Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC). Dr. Tissera was inducted into the Order of the Discoverers, one of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society's highest honors. She was also awarded the Certificate of Service by the State of South Carolina and the Frank A. Burtner Award for Excellence in Advising.

Selected Professional Works

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)


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