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About the Department of Languages


The Department of Languages is dedicated to the study of nine languages and their respective literatures and cultures, with courses ranging from introductory language skills to upper-level courses on specific topics. Our courses focus on the many different facets of literary, cultural, and linguistic expression found in the spoken and written languages featured in our department. Nearly 50 faculty members guide undergraduate students in understanding the issues involved in approaching another culture through the language of that culture. All languages majors experience this alternative world first-hand through study abroad

Undergraduate Degrees in Languages

Language students may choose from three bachelors degrees, all of which stress substantive upper-level study in the humanities:

Language Placement Test

If your intended major requires a modern language (or if you wish to take a modern language course as an elective) and you plan to take French, German or Spanish to meet that requirement, you must take the Clemson Modern Language Placement Test (FLPT) before registering for a modern language course. Click here for more information...

Study Abroad

Regardless of the degree pursued, all language majors are required to study abroad prior to graduation. Students of French or German modern languages majors are expected to study abroad for at least one academic year, and students of all other majors for at least one semester.

Minoring in Languages

Students may choose a minor in the following areas: American Sign Language, Chinese, East Asian Studies, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian Area Studies and Spanish. See Modern Languages Program for details.