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Faculty Snack Box Research Events

Spring 2020 Snack Box Schedule

Title: Governmentality and Technologies of Domination in the Films of Asghar Farhadi
Presenter: Luca Barattoni
Date: Friday, 20 February 2020
Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm
Room: Daniel Hall 102


Fall 2019 Snack Box Schedule

Title: Using Adobe for Classroom and Research Projects
Presenter: Kelsey Sheaffer, Learning Technologies Librarian
Date: Thursday, Sept 19, 2019

Title: Using Voicethread in Language Classes
Presenter: Melissa Lockhart, Clemson Online
Date: Thursday, Oct 10, 2019


Spring 2019 Snack Box Schedule

Day & time: Fridays 2:30-3:30pm, Daniel Rm 102



Mar. 8th - Arelis Moore de Peralta, title: "Reducing Health Disparities: The development of a bilingual (English-Spanish) measure of partnership trust in Community-Based Participatory Research"

April 5th - Jody Cripps, topic: signed music

April 19th - Ed Rock & Yang Wu, topic: scholarly publishing


Fall 2017 Snack Box Schedule

September 8
Roberto Risso: Some notes on the Relevance of the Italian Novel

October 27
Jae DiBello Takeuchi: "Our Language" An Autoethnographic Analysis of Japanese Dialect Use in L1/L2 Interaction

November 17
Tiffany Creegan Miller: Maya Media(tions) and Indigitizations in Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States


Spring 2017 Snack Box Schedule

March 10
Stephen Fitzmaurice: Teaching to Self-Assess Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Student Interpreters

March 31
Jae Takeuchi: Intersections of Identity and Length of Residence: L2 Speakers in Japan and Japanese (Dialect) Use

April 7
Pauline de Tholozany

April 14
George Palacio

April 21
Gabi Stoicea


Fall 2016 Snack Box Schedule

Fridays 12:30-1:30, Class of 1941 Studio

September 30
Tiffany Creegan Miller: Performing Transnational Maya Experiences in Florida and San Juan Chamula, Mexico Workders in the Other World by Sna Jtz'ibajom
Arelis Moore de Peralta: Translating Evidence-based Initiatives to Build Healthier Communities in the Dominican Republic: a Multi-Disciplinary and Bi-National Approach

October 14
Stephen Fitzmaurice: Towards a Sociology of Interpreting: an Ethnographic Examination of the Role-Space and Job Function of High School Educational Interpreters
Jae Dibello Takeuchi: Learners' Participation in Japanese-related Online Communities: the Relationship Between online Activities and Classroom Learning for Two JFL learners.

November 4
Daniel Smith: Southern Spanglish: a Snapshot of the Early Stages of Two Languages in Contact
Kelly Peebles: Embodied Devotion: the Dynastic Religious Loyalty of Renee de France (1510-1575)