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B.S. in Language & International Health

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Welcome from Elouise Cram, President, L&IH Society

Elouise Cram

Elouise Cram (

Hola! My name is Elouise Cram, and I am the President of the Language and International Health Society. Welcome to L&IH! I chose this program (and Clemson) because it allowed me to merge my two passions: Spanish and public health. In today's health care environment, language skills are a quintessential component of effective practice and this program has allowed me to integrate the two effortlessly. In addition to classroom study of Spanish and public heath theory and practice, I also completed a semester and internship abroad in Sevilla, Spain. I plan to practice medicine in a clinical setting after graduating and also intend to obtain a Master's degree in public health. If you're interested in becoming a globally engaged citizen while working to improve health on a population scale, then this major is right for you!

Please feel free to contact me or any of the other officers with any questions you have about the major or regarding Clemson in general!

L&IH Program

The Bachelor of Science program in Language and International Health is jointly administered by the Department of Languages and the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences. Students acquire knowledge in public health theory and practice, including the history and philosophy of public health and medicine; the organization, management, and financing of health services; the social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, health evaluation methods, and health communications. Students also acquire communicative competence in the target language and its culture, literatures, health environments, and multicultural issues. The program offers two tracks: Chinese and Spanish.

The L&IH major allows students to combine language classes with a strong background in public health. By encouraging students to enroll in a variety of culture, language, and health science classes, L&IH students are able to learn not only about the health care of the United States, but health care beyond our own borders, as well. These students complete an internship abroad consisting of 135 hours of international experience in the field of public health. Advanced language skills and international experience set L&IH students apart. Many continue on to pursue further training, including a master in public health, certification in medical translation, or enroll in professional health schools, such as medical, dental, nursing, therapy and physician's assistant programs. L&IH is truly unique in the opportunities it provides and in the students that it produces.

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Please contact the program director, Dr. Yanhua  Zhang (, 304 Strode Tower, Clemson,  SC 29634