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L&IH Society

L&IH Society

The purposes of the Language and International Health Society shall include:

  • Helping students succeed in the L&IH major and prepare for their future through contact with guest speakers, L&IH graduates, study abroad advisors and other campus and community resources;
  • Serving as a forum where L&IH majors can meet and exchange information, ideas and concerns about internships, study abroad and other aspects related to the major;
  • Providing opportunities for students to get to know their peers and explore other cultures through international film viewings, outings to local restaurants and volunteering in the community in health-related opportunities;
  • Representing the L&IH major to Clemson University.

L&IH Society Officers (2018-2019)

President: Aisling Hillman (
¡Hola todos! My name is Aisling Hillman and I am the L&IH Society president. I am part of the L&IH major and my emphasis is Spanish. In the future, I would like to work around the world with a group like Doctors Without Borders. Throughout elementary school and high school, I was part of a Spanish Immersion program, meaning all through elementary and high school, I was immersed in the language. As I grew up, I began to see what doors were opening for me because I could speak two languages. In our ever-growing and mixing society, the demand for Chinese eventually participating in study abroad and internship programs. You can take this major in many different directions, ranging anywhere from pre-med to health administration. Learning a new language can help you throughout your career and in everyday life. I’d like to welcome anyone interested to contact me; I’ll be happy to help in any way I can and answer questions!

Vice President: Beth Anne Baugh (

Treasurer: Camille Lundberg (

Secretary: Lauren Cvitkovic (
I am a sophomore in L&IH with a Spanish emphasis. I am also double majoring in Women’s Leadership. Something that makes the L&IH major so valuable is the ability to become fluent in a language by the time we graduate. Since coming to Clemson, I’ve been involved in Dr. Moore’s Creative Inquiry, were we assess the community health conditions in a low-resourced community in the Dominican Republic called Las Malvinas II. Being able to apply what I’ve been learning in the classroom to this real world experience has been the most rewarding part of my experience here at Clemson so far!


Dr. Arelis Moore de Peralta (
Read more about her here!

Upcoming Events

L&IH Symposium in the Spring

LIH Lecture: Collaborative International Research