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L&IT Internships Information


All students who have entered the L&IT major at Clemson University since Fall 2005 are required to complete an internship of a minimum of 140 hours with an international company, either in the United States or abroad. These internship experiences give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the business/industrial work environment.

There are two steps to fulfilling the L&IT Internship Requirement: (1) complete an internship with an international company and (2) in the semester following the internship, write an 8-10 page research paper in the target language on the company where you worked

 For details, please refer to the L&IT Handbook.

L&IT Internship Contract Forms

Important Note: The forms need to be submitted to your advisor at the beginning of the internship.

Local Resources for internships in L&IT:

1. The Career and Professional Development Services at the Michelin Career Center offers a much information and orientation. Please consult the following sites:

Clemson JobLink

Clemson Internship Programs

2. The L&IT Conference held in the Spring semester is a great opportunity to meet with national and international companies that recruit interns. See L&IT Annual Conference for more information.

3. Clemson has affiliations with many third party providers that offer internships, such as ISA, USAC, and API. Check the study abroad office.

4.  Additional internship information. Make sure that the internship meets the L&IT requirement.

5. Consult the Greenville Chamber of Commerce or your L&IT adviser for additional information.

Study Abroad with Internship Opportunities

Chinese: CU-in-China Summer Program (Beijing & Dalian)

To accommodate Chinese L&IT and L&IH majors in their need for international internships in China, internships may be incorporated into the second session of CU-in-China Summer Program in Dalian. Upon request, our host university, Dalian University of Technology (DUT), will help make an arrangement to place students in local business or healthcare entities based on students’ major requirements and career interests. With the internship arrangement, students will be able to fulfill their study abroad and internship curriculum requirements while gaining practical skills in their majors. The CU-in-China summer internship program lasts maximum four weeks (about 150 hours). Throughout the internship, Clemson faculty will work closely with students and their local internship supervisors to ensure that students acquire the expected level of business or health related language and communication skills, and cultural knowledge. Previously students have been placed in a number of hospitals and community clinics (for L&IH majors) and various business companies (for L&IT majors). Examples include China Resources Company (Dalian Branch), Dalian Shenlian International Trading Company, Dalian Medical University Affiliated Xinhua Hospital, and Dalian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students other than L&IT and L&IH majors may also choose to intern part time in their relevant fields in order to boost their résumé with international work experience. See CU in China for details of the program.

French: Study Abroad with Internship Opportunities

France is the most visited country in the world and French happens to be one of the most practical languages that you can study. It is, with English, one of the two truly global languages, spoken on five continents and an official language of nearly thirty countries. It is the working language of a number of international organizations, including the European Institutions, the UN, UNESCO, and many others. 

Speaking French also provides a major entry into the world employment market: France has the fifth largest economy in the world, is one of the U.S.’s major trading partners (as is French-speaking Canada), and French corporations employ a million Americans. Many of these industries are well-represented in the Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta corridor, home to literally hundreds of French or Francophone businesses, including Michelin, but many more as well.

Destinations for study abroad program in France include Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Pau and Bordeaux among others. The following link includes information about study abroad programs in France including internship: International French Program and Internships.

Spanish: The Clemson Córdoba, Argentina 

Clemson University Córdoba Center has been offering the most successful internships in International Trade. The program of internships aims to create future professionals in the area of Business, Tourism and Applied International Economic. Also to complete the experience we open classes for L&IT students (SPAN 3160 and SPAN 4160, Spanish for International Trade I and II). For more details, see Cordoba, Agentina Study Abroad page.

Spanish: International Spanish Program & Internships in Seville, Spain

Students with advanced Spanish proficiency and/or permission of the program’s director, will be able to complete an internship of 135 hours within the healthcare world, or 140 hours in a local business/company. The internship experience, coupled with a series of site visits and seminars, will allow students to directly observe the structural and functional organization of the healthcare system in Andalusia as well as the business world. This first-hand experience with international healthcare systems and companies is one the highlights of the program for most students.

LIT students will complete their internships at a variety of local companies, depending on availability and the student’s background and interest. A selected list of possible companies and organizations where L&IT students could do their internships can be found in International Spanish Program and Internships.