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Language Professional Societies

The Language and International Trade Society is being phased out.  Students of different languages are encouraged to join newly formed Language Professional Societies.  Those interested may join one or more depending on their language and business culture interests. They are open to all in L&IT, business, engineering and other majors who wish to learn more about their language for specific/professional purposes.

Professional Society



Chinese (Facebook)

Prof. Su-I Chen

Sydney Tindall  

Claudia Driggers 

French Prof. Eric Touya

Prof. Kenneth Widgren 

Sheridan Cofer 

German (Facebook)

Prof. Lee Ferrell 

Jacob Sargent  
Italian (Facebook)

Prof. Roberto Risso

Prof. Luca Barattoni 

Blaine Eads 


Prof. Kumiko Saito

Ananda Klugh 


Prof. Debra Williamson 

Prof. Andrea Naranjo 

Sarai Abraham 


The coordinating body for all LPS’s will be the newly formed Language and International Trade Council.  The council’s decision-making body will be made up of representatives from each LPS.  Other officers from the LPS’s may join also in an advisory capacity.
For more information please contact advisor Prof. Roberto Risso (