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The French program at Clemson explores the diverse cultures of the French-speaking world. Whether you are interested in the humanities, business, technology, education, international health care, or the connections between all of these, studying French at Clemson will prove to be a multifaceted and invaluable experience for you. 

Please contact Carolyn Crist in the CAAH Global Engagement office for helping in identifying the study abroad program that best meets your needs. Students of French have recently studied in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, and Pau through a variety of third-party providers.

The Program offers:

  1. A flexible Modern Languages major that lends itself to double-majoring in another academic field.
  2. A Language & International Business Major that trains you in French and Francophone language, literature, and culture while preparing you for the business world. Students in the major validate their expertise by working toward the Diplôme de Français des Affaires granted by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.
  3. A new Language & International Health Major that combines study of French and Francophone language, culture, literature, and health systems with coursework in Public Health and medicine.
  4. A menu of affordable, high-quality, study-abroad programs in Lyon, Paris, Normandy, Pau, and Aix-en-Provence.
  5. Various extra-curricular activities: the French Club, the French Professional Society, and the French Honor society, faculty presentations, film series, and more.

Professional Avenues

What professional avenues are opened with a French or French L&IB degree?

French is the language of a long and exquisitely diverse literary and artistic heritage. It also happens to be one of the most practical languages that you can study. It is, with English, one of the two truly global languages, spoken on five continents and an official language of nearly thirty countries. It is the working language of a number of international organizations, including the European Institutions, the UN, UNESCO, and many others. Speaking French also provides a major entry into the world employment market: France has the fourth largest economy in the world, is one of the U.S.’s major trading partners (as is French-speaking Canada), and French corporations employ a million Americans. France is a leader in scientific and technological industries, including automotive, energy, medical research, electronics, aerospace and more. Many humanitarian aid groups, like Les médecins sans frontières, also claim French origins, and the Peace Corps consistently seeks out French speaking candidates. And since French is the second most taught modern language in the United States, there is a great demand for French teachers.

Of course many of these industries are extremely well-represented in the Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta corridor, home to literally hundreds of French or Francophone businesses, including Michelin, but many more as well.

Student Resources