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Since the beginning, Italy has been at the center of Western civilization, absorbing, transforming, and innovating all cultural aspects of the ancient, medieval, and modern eras. According to statistics compiled by UNESCO, the Italian peninsula has produced at least 70 percent of the so-called treasures of humankind. Italian, by far the closest Romance language to Latin, provides extraordinary opportunities for English speakers to better understand their own language and enrich their active vocabulary, as 70% of the words in the English dictionary come from Latin.

Whether you are interested in the humanities, business, science, politics, education, or the connection between all of these, studying Italian will broaden your cultural horizons and encourage reflection and critical thinking, while fostering a new international citizenship in thoughtful and well-educated individuals.

The Clemson Italian program offers:

  1. A flexible Modern Languages major that perfectly lends itself to a double major in another field.
  2. A Modern Languages minor that can be a real asset to any resume in today’s global economy.
  3. Classes that range from beginning and intermediate language courses to courses on Italian conversation, composition, literature, culture, cinema and business.
  4. A variety of affordable and high-quality opportunities for academic credit in Italy through summer, semester and year-long programs in Florence, Rome, Venice, Tuscania and Urbino.
  5. A series of extracurricular activities, including the Italian Club, the annual Italian Studies Summit, the weekly conversation hour, film screenings, lectures by guest speakers, peer tutoring, and more.

The Clemson Italian program is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the international arena as well as for the kind of graduate programs that are an appropriate starting point for such careers. Italy has the seventh largest economy in the world, is one of the US & Canada’s major trading partners and is a leader in various industries, with world renown brands such as Ferrari, Ducati, Armani, Bulgari, Ferrero, MSC Shipping Company, Azimuth Yachts, Luxottica and many others. Additionally, since in recent years Italian enrollments in the US have risen in percentage more than in any other European Language, there is great demand for Italian teachers in certain parts of the country. Graduates of Clemson’s Italian program are currently pursuing successful careers also in journalism, diplomacy, automotive engineering, archeology, fashion, music, tourism and travel, publishing, international education, international business, as well as the burgeoning food and wine industry.


Italian Studies Advisory Board

In recent years, the Department of Languages at Clemson University has established a dynamic Italian Studies program, which currently includes a minor and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages. We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the program, the Italian Studies Advisory Board. The board held its first meeting on February 27, 2009 and has been incorporated to promote initiatives, strategies and policies to enhance, develop and advance Clemson University's Italian Studies program. This is an effort to not only further the cause of promoting Italian language and culture at Clemson, but also throughout the state and beyond.

The founding members of this board are board chairman, Paul Abenante, Gabriel Battista, Cav. Joseph Coccia, Jr., Dr. Rosetta D'Angelo, Mark Magliocchetti, John Marino, Dr. Christine Ristaino, Dr. John Rosa, and Dr. Barbara Zaczek. The professions and board memberships of each brings a valued and dynamic dimension to this advisory board.

The National Italian American Foundation, along with the Italian Studies Advisory Board, and the Italian Studies program at Clemson, are pleased to announce that the National Italian American Foundation Public Policy Speaker series will make its way to Clemson's campus on Friday, November 20, 2009. The guest speaker will be Peter Pace, retired four-star general of the U.S. Marine Corps and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.