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Spanish Program at Clemson University


The Spanish major in the department of Languages at Clemson University provides students with both language proficiency and knowledge of the diverse cultures and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and is the most widely taught second language in the United States. In a growing global society, the Spanish degrees offered by Clemson University allow students to take part actively in today's interrelated world.

Combining a degree in Spanish with courses in fields such as economics, hotel-restaurant management, business administration, or Latin-American studies offers access to careers in a broad variety of areas. In recent years, the combination of Spanish with other disciplines has proven particularly attractive because of the growing number of professional positions that deal directly with the Latino community in the United States.

Study abroad is an excellent way to become familiar with the richness of Hispanic cultures and to learn to use Spanish fluently. Clemson University offers excellent options to support students in that exciting and educational experience along with extra practice through the Spanish Table, the Hispanic Film Series and the Spanish Club.

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