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Study in Spain


2020-2021 Student Ambassadors Program

Get the chance to win a trip to Spain!

The 2020-2021 edition of the STUDY IN SPAIN - Student Ambassadors’ Program has been launched by the Embassy of Spain - Trade Commission in Miami.
All students attending a university or college in the US are welcome to participate and represent Spain and the program STUDY IN SPAIN in their universities.
Several incentives and rewards are offered during the year, including the chance to win a one-week trip to Spain awarded to the best Student Ambassador of the Year.
Would you like to become our new Student Ambassador?
Contact our Program Coordinator
(305) 446-438
What is “Study in Spain - Student Ambassador” Program?
The goal of the program is to promote Spain as an educational destination for students in the US.
Becoming Student Ambassador you will collaborate with us supporting and promoting “Study in Spain.” Your role as Students Ambassadors will be promoting study abroad in Spain among other students in your campus and online.
If you’re thinking of extending your education and living in a unique and different culture, we highly recommend a stay in Spain, in Southern Europe.

CLIP Program in Granada, Spain (Summer 2021)

Study Abroad with Clemson in Granada, Spain! With courses conducted entirely in Spanish, the CLIP Program will provide on-site study of this rich history and culture through readings, lectures, videos, field trips, small student-group explorations, and reporting sessions. In addition to in-class learning, it incorporates visits to various monuments and other places of cultural interest. Granada is an emblematic Andalusian city with an impressive cultural resume. Its roots come from ancient Moorish, Jewish, and Christian societies. Learn to live “la vida española” with a local host family while you attend classes at the University of Granada. Students will enroll in SPAN 3100 and will receive six credits (three of which may be taken in lieu of SPAN 2020). Conducted entirely in Spanish, this course includes activities that combine cultural experiences with continuous language skill practice. There will be frequent opportunities for speaking and exchanging ideas with native speakers during class, city tours, and excursions throughout the Andalusian region.

For more information, please contact program leader:

Ellory Schmucker, Senior Lecturer of Spanish (

Study in Spain - Alhambra

Facebook: Spanish/CLIP Facebook Group