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Cordoba, Argentina

"Real People, Real Language, Real Culture"

Since 2006, The Clemson University Córdoba Center has opened its doors to a new immersion experience. One hundred and fifty students have benefited from this program that received the President Barker Award in 2008. The success of the program rests in our commitment to offer the most meaningful experience abroad for Clemson students. Our programs run in Spring and Fall semesters with the option of a year-long program.

Cordoba, or "la Docta," is well known for its history, its culture, and its university tradition. Córdoba is strategically located in the heart of the country, and it is the second most important city after Buenos Aires. Besides the diversity and the dynamism of the city, the province has beautiful landscapes with hills, lakes, and rivers which offer opportunities for recreational activities, excursions and contact with nature. The public university system in Córdoba enrolls more than 150,000 students, not only from other parts of Argentina country but also from all over Latin America.

The composition of the program includes an intensive language and culture course and content classes: The month long intensive course has been designed not only to improve the language proficiency of the students but also to help with the cultural adaptation process. After the successful completion of this course, students take content classes in the Hispanic Culture and Language program. Different sections of Spanish are taught, depending on the level of proficiency of the students: Intermediate and Advanced Grammar, Composition and Conversation, Modern History of Argentina and Latin America, Popular Argentine and Latin America Culture, Argentine and Latin America Literature, tango and horseback riding. Additionally, students can take classes from the plan of studies at Universidad Blas Pascal (UBP), and in this way, they can integrate themselves into the university community. As all courses are taught in Spanish, it is essential to have a certain mastery of the language. Students can also benefit from free Special Programs offered by U B P such as art, photography, music and drama.

The Complete Course List for Cordoba

Students live with an Argentinean family, a fundamental component for the immersion experience. They also have a mentor who helps with the adaptation process and linguistic improvement.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in an internship or in voluntary work depending on the discipline.

For more information, please contact College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities Office of Global Engagement (

The Clemson Córdoba

Clemson University Córdoba Center has been offering the most successful internships in International Trade. The program of internships aims to create future professionals in the area of Business, Tourism and Applied International Economic. Also to complete the experience we open classes for L&IT students (SPAN 3160 and SPAN 4160, Spanish for International Trade I and II)


"It met and exceeded ANY goal or expectation I had before. The people, especially in Cordoba, are marvelous; they have a magical way about them. My family that I lived with became so dear to me, and I consider them to be some of the best friends I have ever had. We still keep in touch. I met some of my best friends there. I miss them more than words can describe. My Spanish excelled further than the people who were better than me before we left! My joy came through becoming a 'Cordobesa' instead of traveling all the time and just sticking around the American students; I didn’t want that kind of experience – I wanted to LIVE there... so that's what I did." -Laurie Beth Wilson

"The things that I take away from my experience from Argentina are invaluable. I have learned to change and adapt to a culture within weeks so that I can become an effective speaker and human being." -John Hinson

"My experience in Cordoba was nothing short of life changing. Argentina is a country with a very rich culture and lots of things to do and see. I chose Cordoba because it was out of the ordinary. My spanish improved exponentially because of the complete immersion that this program offers. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I was placed with a caring and patient family. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would do it again tomorrow." -Gracen Pittard

"After studying abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, I not only discovered a second language, but also a second home. I spent my time there trying my hardest to live as a local, and the city embraced me, teaching firsthand the language, tastes, dances, customs, and culture of Argentina. I entered as a Clemson student, and left as a local with eyes opened to the world and the uniqueness of the human spirit. Since I have been back, I have learned that the confidence, independence, passion, and wisdom I gained from spending time abroad drastically influenced who I am and what I believe, percolating throughout my everyday life. I will forever be a Cordobesa." -Holly Bracher

"My goal when studying abroad was to become as proficient as possible in Spanish, and this program allowed me to do just that. Between living with a woman who spoke no English, having classes just in Spanish, and surrounding myself with other people from Clemson with the same goal, I learned so much about myself as an international student and traveler. I felt welcomed immediately, and over the five months I developed friendships and understood life through the eyes of people with very different backgrounds and opinions than me. I wear my 'argentinidad' proudly, took over 5000 pictures, and know that I will always have another 'familia' to go to on the other side of the world." -Katherine Weschler