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2015 Poems

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Poems for 2015: 

IMPORTANT: No change or variation of the text as given will be accepted. Students must recite the selections as they are posted.

ASL Poetry

NOTE: Students are required to sign from memory two poems: the Mandatory Selection as well as one from the other three poems under Second Selection.

Class A:
Mandatory Selection: I'm Sorry (by Clayton Valli) 
Second Selection I: The Light (by Rob Nielson) 
Second Selection II: Looking Back
Second Selection III: The Star Arrow (by Jolanta Lapiak)

Class B:
Mandatory Selection: Dew on Spiderweb (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection I: Deaf World (by Clayton Valli) 
Second Selection II: I'm Sorry (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection III: Mushroom (by Clayton Valli)

Poems by Clayton Valli are from "ASL Poetry, Selected Works of Clayton Valli", ISBN: 978-0-915035-24-3. Dawn Sign Press. Due to copyright protection, we are not allowed to post the poems on our website.