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2018 Poems

Poems are only available in PDF version. This format provides you with a printable page. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat to open. This software is free. Download Acrobat here.

Poems for 2018: 

IMPORTANT: No change or variation of the text as given will be accepted. Students must recite the selections as they are posted.









ASL Poetry

NOTE: Students are required to sign from memory two poems: the Mandatory Selection as well as one from the other three poems under Second Selection.

Class A:  Students of ASL and CODAs (children of deaf adults) who are not fluent.

Mandatory Selection: ASL Pride (an original creative poem)

The poem must use no more than three handshapes, one of which MUST be the "5" handshape. The poem can deal with some aspect of Deaf History, American Deaf Culture and the artistic works provided by De'Via artists. The focus on this poem is ASL PRIDE.  

Second Selection I:  Sit and Smile (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection II: At the Park (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection III: Tears of Life (by Clayton Valli)

Class B: Native ASL users and CODAs with proficiency equivalent to native users.

Mandatory Selection:  Cultural Artifact (an original creative poem)

The poem must use no more than five handshapes, three  MUST be the "5", "Bent V", and  "S", and the others are of the contestant's choosing. The poem can deal with some aspects of  well-known  cultural products ranging from  residential schools of the Deaf, Gallaudet University, other organizations associated with Deaf, to analyzing the perspective on the struggle between Alexander Graham Bell and National Association of the Deaf. 

Second Selection I:  Dew on Spiderweb (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection II: Cocoon Child (by Clayton Valli)
Second Selection III: Dandelions (by Clayton Valli)

Poems by Clayton Valli are from "ASL Poetry, Selected Works of Clayton Valli", ISBN: 978-0-915035-24-3. Dawn Sign Press. Due to copyright protection, we are not allowed to post the poems on our website. However, if you are a registered contest entrant, teacher of the registered entrants, or judge, we can send you, upon request, the password for you to view the poems. Please contact poetry_declamation to obtain the password.

*Please use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari to access the link below. Firefox will not play the videos.

Videos of ASL poetry (password required)