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Film Festivals

French Film Series, Spring 2019

French film series, spring 2019

Italian Film Festival, Fall 2018

Italian films

Hispanic Film Series, Fall 2018

hispanic film

Chinese Film Series, Spring 2018

Chinese films 2018

Hispanic Film Series, Spring 2018

spanish films spring 2018

French Film Series, Spring 2018

French films

Hispanic Film Series, Fall 2017

Hispanic films

Italian Film Series, Fall 2017

italian film

Chinese Film Series, Spring 2017

Chinese Film 2017

Hispanic Film Series, Spring 2017

Hispanic Film Fest

German Film for Halloween

German film

French Film Series, Fall 2016

french fall 2016

Italian Film Series, Fall 2016

Italian film

Hispanic Film Series, Fall 2016

Hispanic Films Series

Chinese Film Series, Spring 2016

Chinese films 2016

Italian Films

Italian films 2016

Tonda Japanese Puppet Theater

Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 7pm  Self Auditorium (Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson)

French Film Series, Spring 2016

french film 2016

Italian Film Festival: Cinema Italy in Atlanta

The 10th CINEMA ITALY in ATLANTA  will take place April 21st – 24th at the Plaza Theatre. Please check the website for details:

Hispanic Film Series, Spring 2016

Spanish films

Japanese Film Festival, Fall 2015

Japanese films 2015