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LAIB Internship Information:

Resources for internships in LAIB:

1. The Career and Professional Development Services at the Michelin Career Center offers a much information and orientation. Please consult the following sites:

2. The LAIB Conference held in the Spring semester is a great opportunity to meet with national and international companies that recruit interns. 

3. Clemson has affiliations with many third party providers that offer internships, such as ISAUSAC, and API. Check the study abroad office.

4. Consult the Greenville Chamber of Commerce or your LAIB adviser for additional information.

LAIB Internship Company Form

L&IH Internship Information:

An internship of at least 135 contact hours and study abroad are mandatory. Both the internship and study abroad must be conducted in a target-language setting and selected from a list of L&IH pre-approved programs. Students may petition for L&IH approval of an alternate program by application; these are considered on a case-by-case basis (please contact Dr. Peebles: 

Students should work closely with their academic advisor (Dingle, Peebles, or Zhang) to determine the best timing for their study & internship abroad.

Registration and Credits

During their semester abroad, students will register in L&IH 4000 under the supervision of the LIH internship coordinator.

Spanish Internships

Approved programs are available in Latin America and Spain. 

Clemson Spanish & Internships in Cordoba:

Clemson Abroad Terra Dotta brochure:

Clemson Spanish & Internships in Spain:

Clemson Abroad Terra Dotta brochure:

Chinese Internships

Approved programs are available in China.

CU in China:

Clemson Abroad Terra Dotta brochure:

French Internships

Approved 3rd-party programs are available in France. 

Please contact Dr. Kelly Peebles ( for further information.