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German Club

Events for the current semester

Summer 2015

German Summer Reading Group (German philosophy: Marx and Nietzsche): please contact Herr Schmidt for more information (schmidj)

Fall 2015

Regular conversation groups:

Kaffeestunde (Beginners Ger 1010 to 2020)
Stammtisch (Advanced Ger 3000 and above)

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August Event Place
Tues., 18th from 2 to 5 pm Tiger Prowl Bowman Field
Th., 20th at 7pm Stammtisch Peppino's
Th., 27th from 5 to 6 pm Informational Meeting for all German
Majors, Minors, and Study Abroad
206 Strode Tower
Fr., 4th at 7pm Welcome Back Party Abernathy Park
Sa., 12th at 10 am German Alumni Reunion
(before Appalachian State game)
Tailgating Lower Intramural Fields
Th., 17th at 7 pm Stammtisch Peppino's
Sa., 19th at 9 am Oktoberfest Helen, GA
Th., 1st at 7 pm Stammtisch Peppino's
Sa., 3rd at 9 am Apple Picking & Wanderung Skytop Orchard
We., 7th from 9 am to 5 pm Conference on
German in the Professions
Hendrix Student Center
Th., 15th at 7 pm Stammtisch Peppino's
Sa., 17th tba German Summit USC Columbia
Th., 29th at 7 pm Stammtisch Peppino's
Th., 12th at 7 pm Stammtisch Peppino's
tba  Film Night tba
Fr., 4th at 7 pm Weihnachtsfeier tba

Kaffeestunde (beginner’s conversation) will meet each Monday from 4-5PM in the student lounge in front of Einstein Bros. The Kaffeestunde group will speak only German at a beginner’s level. There will be basic conversation and activities.

Contact: Hanna Denney (President German Club) or Herr Ferrell (Advisor German Club)