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In this program, students will learn of very different experiences of Africans, in and out of slavery, in different linguistic and religious communities, in differing economic circumstances.  They will understand how they can combine their coursework in Pan African Studies with their knowledge in computer science, education, engineering, theater, architecture, literature or whatever they are studying to make themselves a much more valuable citizen and potential employee.

Students who have specialized in the study of Africa and African Americans have excelled in a variety of careers including: teaching, education administration, public relations, journalism, the arts, social work, advertising, communications, fundraising, community organizing. Examples include, Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space; Angela Bassett, a world renowned actress; and Grant Hill an acclaimed athlete and philanthropist. All of these figures and many more like them have used their degrees to make their marks on the world.

Many graduates with BAs in the study of Africa and African Americans go on to graduate school where they find that their education prepares them for a range of graduate programs including the social sciences, the arts, humanities, public health, public administration, law, theology, journalism, and education.