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Will Lewis

Will Lewis,
PhD, Clemson University, December 2018
Dissertation: Role of the Physical Environment on Team-Based Primary Care in the Military Health System Capital Strategy Manager, Project Planning & Support Division, United States Army Health Facility Planning Agency

Jessica Fernandez

Jessica Fernandez,
PhD, Clemson University, 2018
Dissertation: Building Bridges, Blurring Boundaries
Lecturer, Landscape Architecture, Clemson University

Maryam Hamidpour

Maryam Hamidpour,
PhD, Clemson University, 2018
Dissertation: Development and Evaluation of a Comparison-Based Control Strategy of Electrochromic Glazing for the Management of Visual Comfort and Energy Consumption

Deborah Wingler

Deborah Wingler,
PhD, Clemson University, 2018
Dissertation: Examining Child and Parent Anxiety During the Ambulatory Surgical Process: A Comparison of Using the Induction Room vs. Operating Room for Anesthetic Induction
Research Assistant Professor, Architecture and Health, Clemson University

Krista Evans

Krista Evans,
PhD, Clemson University, 2017
Dissertation: Integrating Tiny Houses into the American Urban Fabric: A Comparative Case Study of Land Use Policy Change in the Carolinas
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning, Missouri State University

Mellone F. Long

Mellone F. Long,
PhD, Clemson University, 2017
Dissertation: Planning in the Face of Ethics
Assistant Professor, Assistant College Lecturer, Urban Studies and Planning, Cleveland State University

Yang Song

Yang Song,
PhD, Clemson University, 2017
Dissertation: Landscape Manipulatives: A Study of Math Gardens and Learning Outcomes in Middle School Mathematics Education Research
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, North Dakota State University

Tao Guan

Tao Guan,
PhD, Clemson University, 2017
Dissertation: Income Inequality, Soaring-up Housing Price and Housing Overdevelopment
Associate Professor, School of Management, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Valerie Lynn Hammett

Valerie Lynn Hammett,
PhD, Clemson University, 2015
Dissertation: Risk Analysis and Disaster Recovery: A Florida LIHTC Case Study
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Business, College of Charleston

Courtney Grunninger Bonney

Courtney Grunninger Bonney,
PhD, Clemson University, 2015
Dissertation: Beyond Aesthetics: Fostering Place Attachment through the Design Regulatory Process
Professor of Preservation Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah Georgia

George Schafer

George Schafer,
PhD, Clemson University, 2015
Dissertation: The LIT ROOM: Design, Implementation and evaluation of a Multi-Media, Architectural-Robotics Embedded Installation in a Public Library for Augmenting Children's Interactive Picturebook Read-Alouds
Lecturer in Architecture, Genoa Program, Clemson University, SC
Lecturer, School of Architecture, Clemson University

Arash Soleimani

Arash Soleimani,
PhD, Clemson University, 2015
Dissertation: CyberPLAYce: A Cyber-Physical-Spatial Learning Environment Promoting Personal and Computational Expression for Elementary Students
Assistant Professor, Architecture, Kennesaw State University, Georgia

Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang,
PhD, Clemson University, 2015
Dissertation: Encouraging Engagement with Therapeutic Landscapes: Using Transparent Spaces to Optimize Stress Reduction in Urban Health Facilities
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture/Environmental Design, West Virginia University, WV

John Lattimore

John Lattimore,
PhD, Clemson University 2014
Dissertation: Rebuilding Social Organization in Low-income Neighborhoods: The Influence of Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer Manager, Community Development and Land Development Planning, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County

Deborah Franqui

Deborah Franqui,
PhD, Clemson University, 2014
Dissertation: Pathways Toward Assessing the Quality of Ambulatory Care Clinics
Principal, AHEAD, Architecture + Health Design Consultants, Miami, FL
Adjunct Professor, University of Miami, MS Architecture Healthcare Design Program, Miami, Florida

Noel Carpenter

Noel Carpenter,
PhD, Clemson University, 2014
Dissertation: Comparison of the Design-Bid-Build and Construction Manager at Risk Project Delivery Methods Utilized for the Construction of Public Schools
Managing Member, Construction Industry Consultants, LLC

Melanie Duffey

Melanie Duffey,
PhD, Clemson University, 2014
Dissertation: Hybrid Spaces: Users' Perceptions of Digitally Mediated Public Space
Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Department of Consumer and Design Sciences, Auburn University, AL

Niraj Poudel

Niraj Poudel,
PhD, Clemson University, 2014
Dissertation: Towards the Development of Performance Based Guidelines for Using Phase Change Materials in Lightweight Buildings
Sustainable Building Design Engineer, Sefaira, Inc.

Joe Manganelli

Joe Manganelli,
PhD, Clemson University, 2013
Dissertation: Designing Complex, Interactive, Architectural Systems with CIAS-DM: A Model-Based, Human-Centered, Design and Analysis Methodology
Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Automotive Engineering, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research

David Payne

David Payne,
PhD, Clemson University, 2013
Dissertation: Charleston Contradictions: A Case Study Of Historic Preservation Theories AND Policies
Teacher of Architecture, Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA

Erik Simon

Erik Simon,
PhD, Clemson University, 2013
Dissertation: Public Participation in Brownfield Redevelopment: The Role of Public Participation in State Administered Voluntary Cleanup Programs
Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Anthony Threatt,
PhD, Clemson University, 2013
Dissertation: Design and Evaluation of a Nonverbal Communication Platform Between Assistive Robots and Their Users
User Experience Researcher and Design, Vanderbilt Medical Center, HealthIT

Brooklyn Wynveen

Brooklyn Wynveen,
PhD, Clemson University, 2013
Dissertation: Attaining Sustainable Behavior among Non-Environmentally-Motivated Individuals: A Formative Experiment
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Sam Houston State University

Pernille Christensen

Pernille Christensen,
PhD, Clemson University, 2012
Dissertation: Key Strategies of Sustainable Real Estate Decision-Making in the United States: A Delphi Study of the Stakeholders
Senior Lecturer, Property Economics at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Bruce Cole

Bruce Cole,
PhD, Clemson University, 2012
Dissertation: Building Social Infrastructure Through Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of Student Housing in Public Higher Education
Chair of the Business Division, Allen University Columbia, SC

Paul Duggan,
PhD, Clemson University, 2012
Dissertation: Removing Gourna: A study of participation in the relocation of El Gourna, Egypt
Researcher with RICS Sustainability

David Hueber

David B. Hueber,
PhD, Clemson University, 2012
Dissertation: The Changing Face of the Game and Golf’s Built Environment
Article: The Connection Between the Golf Industry, the Economy & Consumer Spending
Principal, Mind’s Eye Golf Company

Noah Billig

Noah Billig,
PhD, Clemson University, 2011
Dissertation:Turkish Informal Housing Settlements as a Typology for Modern Generative Processes in Urban Design
Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Arkansas
Publication: Istanbul: Informal Settlements and Generative Urbanism

Tarek Mokhtar

Tarek Mokhtar,
PhD, Clemson University, 2011
Dissertation:Monumental-IT: A “Robotic-Wiki” Monument for
Embodied Interaction in the Information World

Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering at Al Faisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Geary Robinson,
PhD, Clemson University, 2011
Dissertation:Disaster Preparedness For University/Community Transit Systems
Director, Parking and Transportation Services at University of North Texas

Galen Newman

Galen Newman,
PhD, Clemson University, 2010
Dissertation:An Exogenous Approach to Circumventing Demolition by Neglect: The Impact of Agricultural Preservation on the Historic Fabric of Rural Colonial Towns
Associate Professor, Planning and Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University

Henrique Houayek

Henrique Houayek,
PhD, Clemson University, 2009
Dissertation: The Animated Work Environment: A Vision for Working Life in a Digital Society
Professor in Residence, Genova, Clemson University

Ole Sleipness

Ole Sleipness,
PhD, Clemson University, 2009
Dissertation: Exploring How Residential Communities in the Rural Southern Appalachian Mountains are Branded as Green: A Qualitative Analysis
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Utah State University

Ellen Vincent

Ellen Vincent,
PhD, Clemson University, 2009
Dissertation: The Therapeutic Benefits of Nature Images on Health
Horticulture, Extension Associate, Clemson University

Jeremy Wells

Jeremy Wells,
PhD, Clemson University, 2009
Dissertation:Attachment to the Physical Age of Urban Residential Neighborhoods: A Comparative Case Study of Historic Charleston and I'On
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, University of Maryland.

Publications: Human-Centered Built Environment Heritage Preservation

Dr. Wells runs the website which seeks to "improve the practice of how the historical environment is conserved."