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What is the Tiger Band Auxiliary?

The Tiger Band Auxiliary is made up of three separate visual ensembles. The Tiger Dancers, Tiger Twirlers, and Tiger Guard work with the band to create the desired overall effect by adding to the visual appeal of the band performances. The focus of every performance is to represent ourselves, the band, and the university with class, dignity, and respect by performing rehearsed and choreographed material to the best of our ability.

When and where does the Tiger Band Auxiliary perform?

The dancers, twirlers, and guard perform anytime the full-band performs. This includes: pep rallies, parades, pre-game and half-time at all home games, half-time at 2-3 away games during the season, First Friday Parade, Tigerama, bowl game, and other exhibitions. The Tiger Band Auxiliary is an exciting part of all full-band performances.

What is expected of a Tiger Band Auxiliary member?

All members are expected to attend practice with Tiger Band on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 3:45-6:00pm. Each member must also be available for a weekly sectional practice with their instructor. Twirlers and Dancers meet on Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm and the Colorguard meet on Mondays 7:00-9:00pm.

Members of the Tiger Band Auxiliary must be able to learn quickly and retain extensive amounts of material, as Tiger Band performs several different shows each football season. Each half-time show has 3-4 songs. In addition to half-time responsibilities, a pre-game show is performed at each home game. Pre-game includes dances to Tiger Fanfare, Sock It To 'Em, Tiger Rag, Eye of the Tiger, Modified Sock It To 'Em, and Short Rag. There will also be a traveling version of Tiger Rag that is used specifically for parades.

Students who are selected for a position come back about a week before school starts to attend a pre-season camp. Included in the pre-season camp will be pre-game material, half-time material, stand dances, and fundamentals of performing on a football field. Some of these practices will be with the band, some with entire Auxiliary, and some with individual ensembles (dancers, twirlers, and guard separate).

Audition Notes

Audition material varies from unit to unit. Please select which auxiliary unit you are interested in auditioning for and review the appropriate material.

Colorguard Auditions

Twirler and Dancer Auditions

Ensemble Information

Tiger Band Dancers & Twirlers

Ensemble Director: Lindsey Rhodes


Auditions Required: Yes


Tiger Band Colorguard

Ensemble Director: Terry Kent


Auditions Required: Yes