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Jazz Combo (MUSC 3300)

The Clemson Jazz Combo is a performance course designed to introduce students to small group literature from Be-Bop to the present. Generally consisting of four to eight members, the ensemble emphasizes improvisation, group interaction, and includes solo transcription and analysis. Special attention is given jazz theory and the application of scalar and modal concepts, harmonic function and substitution, and rhythmic development. The development of reading skills and technical proficiency is also stressed.

Audition Notes:  

All students will be placed in a section of Jazz Combo (MUSIC 3300) based on their ability and background. All instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome.

Students will be placed according to improvisation, style, technique, and sight-reading. Combo sizes and times will be set based on enrollment and student schedules. All students must plan to attend and play at the first class.

This course offers students an opportunity to learn how to improvise, study the great American songbook, study the styles and techniques of the great jazz artists, and preparation to perform in jazz and commercial music settings. 

Contact Professor Monty Craig for more information.

Ensemble Information

Ensemble Director: Monty Craig


Auditions Required: Yes