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We’re excited that you’ve decided to audition to study music at Clemson University! Our Bachelor of Arts degree is a versatile program that can be uniquely tailored to your strengths and interests to prepare you for a number of different careers in the music field. If you happen to have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Music Chair, Dr. Paul Buyer at


All students interviewing for the music concentration are encouraged to provide a resume listing any experiences and/or skills pertinent to their performing arts interest and at least two current letters of recommendation. One of these letters should come from a current music teacher.

Please bring your two letters of recommendation with you to your audition.

Students should be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • What attracted you to this degree program?
    • What are your career aspirations?
    • What are your experiences and background in the arts?
    • What other (non-arts) activities were you involved with in your school and/or community during your high school career?
    • Understanding that this degree requires collaborative teamwork with students of varying performing arts backgrounds:
        • How do you see yourself fitting into this curriculum?
        • What previous experiences have you had in collaboration?