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Percussion Auditions

1.  Prospective percussion students should prepare to demonstrate proficiency in two of the following areas:

  • Snare Drum: A concert or rudimental snare drum solo. Demonstrated proficiency of the Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments is also expected.

  • Keyboard: A two or four mallet solo demonstrating technical proficiency on marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone.

  • Timpani: A three or four drum solo demonstrating technical command of the instrument. Students will also demonstrate the ability to hear, sing, and tune individual notes and the intervals of a third, fourth, and fifth.

  • Drumset: Perform various musical styles including jazz, rock, funk, Latin, and ballads. Students should be prepared to play time and improvise fills in different styles. A basic understanding of reading drumset charts is also highly regarded.

2.  In addition to the prepared pieces, students will be asked to sight read on the instrument of their choice.  (snare drum, keyboard, or timpani)

For repertoire suggestions, please contact: Dr. Paul Buyer, Director of Percussion at